Artists seeking management

Anna Stéphany

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Are You Looking For A Manager To Help Take Your Music Career To The Next Level?

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Music Ops Board

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10 Steps to Successfully Managing Recording Artists: A Guide to Effective Artist Management [Cappriccieo Scates] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 10 Steps to Successfully Managing Recording Artists outlines the steps essential to effectively managing an artist. It should be choice reading for new and.

A service of The Atlantic-Artists Management March - July - Job 17 A music publisher is looking to sign and pitch songs for a film that needs cool, edgy Indie Rock songs - nothing too dark.

We provide positive, life-changing interventions for people with mental or emotional difficulties within an artistic therapeutic community. We will support you to enhance your well-being and health, reinforce and recharge your creativity and achieve your own goals. International artist and project management.

Handel GIULIO CESARE (Glyndebourne Festival) “Anna Stéphany’s exquisitely poised account of Sesto’s “Cara speme” [ ] the evening’s vocal highlight.”. The Marketing Management with a specialization in marketing program, is designed mainly for students who intend to seek immediate employment in the field of marketing and/or business, and those presently employed in marketing but seeking advancement.

There is only one A.S. program in Marketing.

Artists seeking management
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