Campus parking

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Annual Permits

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Roles, Students, and Faculty and Staff can find more ideas about registering for advice permits, where to park, defects of enforcement, visitor and guest parking, and more.

Status Permit Zones Find the parking information you need while on campus: The following parking areas transition to football game day chaos, which means a donor parking space or cash will be adjusted to enter.

Click for the Parking Map. Parking and transportation news and announcements delivered to your inbox. Parking Here. FOR GENERAL VISITORS: General visitors should enter campus through the main gate, proceed 3/4 around the traffic circle and turn right onto West Way, then make an immediate left into the visitor parking lot at Campus Security and Safety.

Visitors should park in spaces marked "Visitor Parking" and check in at Campus Security and Safety for a visitor's pass. Get Ohio State University (OSU) parking information including permits, garages, maps, event parking, citations, forms and more.

Campus Parking Map - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. There is no free parking on the main campus or The Health Sciences Campus during weekday operating hours. All areas require a permit or a pass to park.

Visitors and those with no permit may pay to park in a visitor deck. Commuter parking permits are only valid to park on campus between the hours of a.m. until a.m. No commuter permit holder is permitted to park any vehicle on Duquesne University property between the hours of a.m. through a.m.

Any violation will be subjected to a citation.

Campus parking
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