Digital reference service awareness among easlis

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Couch techniques for program planning, monitoring, and elaboration. services, digital reference service (DRS) is “reference service initiated electronically, often in real- time, where patrons employ computers or other Internet technology to communicate with reference staff, without being physically present” (RUSA, ).

For users to know the available resources, awareness is very important and also ability to access and utilize the resources. Access does not usually mean usability. To ensure that available resources are maximally utilized and more resources acquired, strategies have been laid down and these include among others creating a consortium of.

Internet has enabled the delivery of traditional reference services across geographical boundaries and termed it as digital reference service (DRS). DRS has recently transformed to cooperative digital reference service that serves remote users with information inquiry in a more well-organized way.

Digital reference service in the early s has seen the incorporation of the telephone as a medium in answering queries.

One of the first such services to go online was the Electronic Access to Reference Service. delivery, reference service over the web, database access, indexing and abstracting, referral service, bibliographic search, and so on.

{Sidebar} Rough Draft IFLA: Reference Work Section Digital Reference Service Guidelines: An Introduction " The wealth of literature regarding standards of traditional reference and e-mail reference services will serve as a useful resource during the development of digital reference standards.

Digital reference service awareness among easlis
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