Fiction editing services prices

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Non-fiction editing

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She has also labeled things in the expectations that I have missed and I very much depth her attention to detail. Services by. Alby Blazo. Non-Fiction. Fiction.

Pricing for fiction and creative non-fiction

Poetry Alby Blazo is best known for micro-fables of an Aesopian nature and tightly-packed poetry. Highly involved in the writing community, Alby has recently edited the MWSG Anthology and articles for various scientific fields.

All Stories Editing provides professional editing, layout, and cover design services for the soon-to-be or self-publishing author. We offer everything from simple proofreading to in-depth critiques at competitive prices for your novel, non-fiction, short story, or essay.

Non-fiction editing Making your copy clear, correct, and concise As a former journalist, I am used to making sure articles, promotional material, reports, and other documents are accurate. Editing.

Editing is essential for professional creative writing. From ensuring the story with its narrative arc, characters and pace is engaging and strong to perfecting word choice, spelling, punctuation and grammar; these are processes a novel must go through if it’s to make that vital first impression.

Ghostwriting Pricing

An honest, unbiased evaluation of your novel by one of the most highly experienced Instant Availability · Highly Experienced. Our fiction editing service is designed to clean up an early draft of your work. We'll help you identify weak points and other issues to improve your future drafts.

My Editing Process:

We'll help you identify weak points and other issues to improve your future drafts.

Fiction editing services prices
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