Jasons project

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JASON Project

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This week on the emporium of dastardly bastardness, also know as The Bastardcast: Jason recounts his wild, possibly grifted birthday adventure, Jeremy has a nerdy quibble with a new Justice League project, the guys unleash the official NOW ITS SUMMER.

The following story is submitted by a Kids Hope USA Mentor. Jason had just started mentoring this fifth grade student, which is why he felt this moment was so special: William and I were working on our Christmas project for our Kids Hope USA prayer partner, which involved tracing our hands and then cutting them out.

The Jasons

At Jason's Deli we're all about healthy food. From sandwiches to salads, Jason's Deli offers healthy and delicious food that everyone can feel good about.

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Jason’s Sentence [Video]

Jason’s Step Stool Viewer Project - By Jason Added on March 7, The step stool was a gift for my Father, he has been after me for a long time to make him one.

The stool you made on the intro of your old podcasts was my inspiration for the piece. I chose a curly walnut (which doesn’t come through in the pictures) for the sides and a.

Jasons project
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